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Raise yourself to the next level with RTU ISST!

RTU International School of Science and Technology is dedicated to accepting the best and highly motivated students who are eager to pursue their studies. Our program offers top-notch education with exceptional faculty members, following the Cambridge International AS & A Levels curriculum. With a strong emphasis on STEAM subjects, our three-year program in English prepares students comprehensively for university studies. Through our connection with Riga Technical University (RTU), students gain exclusive access to resources and expertise, deepening their connection to Latvia. We also offer boarding services to our students. Join us for an extraordinary educational experience where excellence and opportunity meet!

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Welcome to the RTU International School of Sciences and Technologies! 

I am Dmitrijs Vinogradovs, and it is my honor to serve as the principal of this dynamic institution. As you navigate our website and consider becoming a part of our community, I extend to you my warmest welcome. 

RTU ISST is more than just a school – it’s a hub of boundless opportunities where the principles of STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics) are vividly brought to life. We stand as a vibrant ecosystem fostering discovery and innovation. 

Our mission, at its core, is the empowerment of talented young minds from across the globe. With our excellent boarding facilities, we offer a unique platform for collaboration between Latvian and international students. Our vision is to nurture our students not just as future leaders but as architects of positive global change, leveraging their knowledge and skills to create a better world. 

The foundation of everything we do here is our core values. We are committed to unlocking and nurturing every student’s talent, achieving educational excellence, fostering a collaborative community spirit, promoting independence, and inspiring innovation. These values are what guide us towards providing an education that meets and exceeds the highest standards, exemplified by our ‘gold standard’ Cambridge International A-Levels qualification. 

At RTU ISST, we emphasize hands-on learning and interdisciplinary collaboration, offering not just the traditional A-Levels certification but also the Cambridge Advanced International Certificate of Education (Cambridge AICE Diploma) and the Cambridge International Project Qualification (Cambridge IPQ), which open doors to universities both in Latvia and around the world. Our aim is to foster an environment where creativity is encouraged, independence is celebrated, and innovation is the standard. 

Joining our community means embracing an atmosphere of support and discovery, where we are dedicated to helping you reach your fullest potential. We are here to equip you with not just knowledge but the practical skills necessary to excel in the dynamic world of STEAM. 

Thank you for considering RTU ISST as your educational haven. If you have any inquiries or wish to learn more about what we offer, please do not hesitate to reach out. We are excited about the prospect of embarking on this educational journey with you, as we work together to shape a brighter, more innovative future. 

Best regards,
Dmitrijs Vinogradovs

Our principles

Our people

At our institution, we are incredibly proud to have some of the best faculty and staff members in Latvia. Our dedicated team comprises highly accomplished professionals, with many of them serving as faculty members at Riga Technical University. What sets our staff apart is not only their extensive knowledge and expertise but also their genuine passion for teaching and supporting students.

Many of our staff members hold PhD qualifications, demonstrating their commitment to academic excellence. They wholeheartedly embrace their role as mentors, going above and beyond to ensure that each student achieves their personal best.


Artūrs is the Vice-Rector for Strategic Development and Finance of Riga Technical University.

He is in charge of the strategic planning of the University and implementation of major development projects, as well as financial management processes, inventory, and financial resource tracking, distribution, and planning for the University operations. His task is to keep the University in step with current and future development trends manage and develop relationships with the University’s key stakeholders and partners.

Artūrs holds positions of – Executive Director at the Association of Latvian Universities, Member of the Board at RTU Engineering High School, Member of the Council at Higher Education of Latvia, and Associate Professor at Riga Technical University.

Dmitrijs is an experienced educator, high-achieving leader and digital transformation specialist adept in applying professional expertise in the establishment, administration and development of progressive educational institutions.

  • Recipient of the Cabinet of Ministers Letter of Appreciation for significant contribution to the development of education


Beāte has worked as a chemistry and mathematics teacher since 2018., starting her carrier in Riga School of Natural Sciences (Rīgas Dabaszinību skola).

Currently she is teaching at Engineering High School of Riga Technical University, being a lecturer in Riga Technical University and a researcher assistant in Institute of Solid-State Physics, University of Latvia.

Beāte has obtained a Bachelor and a Master degree of Science in Chemistry in University of Latvia.

Tabita has a Ph.D. in Mathematics in Mathematical Modelling from University of Latvia. Since 2015 Tabita has been a docent and a researcher at Riga Technical University in the Department of Engineering Mathematics.

Tabita has work experience as a Researcher and Lecturer at the Institute of Applied Mathematics and in Faculty of Science and Engineering, (Liepāja University).

She has an interest and has gained knowledge in topics of Chemistry, Chemical Technologies and Bio-Technology, Mechanics and Metal Processing, Heat Power Engineering, Heat Technology, and Mechanical Engineering, Power and Electrical Engineering, Electrical Technologies, Information Technology and more.

Valters has a LL.B in Law and Business from Riga Graduate School of Law and has completed a Foundation Studies Programme at the University of Malta. He has been working as an English language teacher at Riga Technical University Engineering High School and other educational institutions.

He has worked as an English teacher in Vietnam and China, and taught English to children as a volunteer in Nepal. He has also worked for a US ed-tech start-up as a project manager.

Virgīnija has a Ph.D. in Material Physics from University of Latvia. She also has a Physics teacher qualification and has completed a Basic Radiation Safety course at Japan International Cooperation Centre.

Currently, Virgīnija is a leading researcher at the Institute of Solid-State Physics at University of Latvia and an expert in the State Education Center. Her achievements include the “Young Scientists Prize” from the Latvian Science Council (2020), the “Forbes 30 under 30” award for work in education (2019), the “Excellence Prize” awarded by Ministry of Education for excellence in teaching physics (2018).

Arturs is currently pursuing his Ph.D. after successfully completing bachelor’s and master’s programs at Riga Technical University. Arturs is also a researcher, IT consultant, and software developer in the private sector.

He has numerous publications and he has participated in international scientific conferences. Arturs is a teacher at the Riga Technical University Engineering High School and a lecturer at Riga Technical University.

History of RTU ISST

Although brand new, RTU ISST has many decades of history and knowledge behind it, as it stands firmly on Riga Technical University (RTU) 155 years old roots. Established in 1862, RTU is the oldest technical university in the Baltic states. RTU has played a vital role in shaping the technical and engineering landscape of Latvia, producing highly skilled professionals who have made significant contributions to scientific research, industry, and innovation.

Today, RTU offers a wide range of undergraduate and postgraduate programs across disciplines such as engineering, architecture, computer science, business, and economics for more than 14 000 students. The university is known for its strong emphasis on practical education, collaboration with industry partners, and research activities that address real-world challenges.

Learn more about RTU here

Based on these roots in year 2015 RTU created RTU Engineering High School. In few years RTU Engeering High School has become the best small high school in Latvia as students achieve outstanding academic results each year!

Learn more about RTU Engeneering high school here

RTU ISST was established with the vision of providing exceptional STEAM education to students seeking to study in English, earn an internationally recognized diploma, and follow the esteemed Cambridge system. We are dedicated to upholding the highest standards of academic excellence, preparing students for global opportunities, and nurturing their passion for science, technology, engineering, and mathematics.


RTU ISST is situated on Kronvalda Boulevard 1, in the lovely and peaceful neighborhood of Riga. It’s a highly accessible area, well-connected to the rest of the city, making it convenient for everyone to reach the school. RTU ISST shares its facilities with RTU Engineering High School, providing an opportunity to foster a close-knit community with some of the brightest students in Latvia. 

We take pride in offering access to resources like 3D printers, which empower our students to transform their imaginative ideas into tangible creations. Whether it’s prototyping a new invention, designing intricate models, or materializing complex concepts, our students have everything they need to fully immerse themselves in the captivating world of STEAM.

 Just across the bridge from ISST, you’ll find the campus of Riga Technical University. It’s home to  world-class labs and brilliant scientists who are eager to share their passion for science with our students. 

RTU ISST offers its boarding services at the Riga Technical University dormitories, offering students the choice between single and double-room accommodations. Our boarding facilities aim to provide a comfortable living space conducive to academic focus and personal growth. The dorms are just a 15-minute walk and 5-minute public transport ride away from RTU ISST.

    Building of ISST campus

Step into our chemistry laboratory which has many opportunities for skill development! From basic experiments like titration and diverse syntheses to more advanced research, we provide equipment for organic synthesis, including fume hood, exhaust systems, cooling units, distillation tools, and specialized filtration equipment. Students can dive into analytical chemistry with ion-selective and pH sensors, a spectrophotometer, precision scales, and an automated titrator.

Our physics classroom is tailored for hands-on learning and exploration. Fitted with all the necessary equipment for the curriculum (i.e., full digital sensor range for force, current, oscillations, magnetic field, pressure etc), students are provided with the tools necessary for both theoretical and practical applications.

The Virtual Reality lab will provide opportunities to create 3D environments with wide-ranging applications, including but not limited to shopping, art, architecture, sports, and robotics. Students will have the chance to take the initiative and generate ideas for their projects in the virtual reality lab.

Get to know Latvia

Welcome to Latvia, your new home full of warm embraces and captivating experiences! Nestled in the heart of the Baltic region, Latvia offers a delightful blend of natural wonders and rich cultural heritage. Prepare to be enchanted by the breathtaking landscapes that stretch from picturesque forests to serene lakes and stunning Baltic Sea beaches. Immerse yourself in Latvian traditions, from captivating folk music and dance to the vibrant festivities that celebrate our cultural heritage throughout the year.

As you explore, you’ll discover charming towns and cities, with Riga as our vibrant capital showcasing its architectural splendors and bustling markets. Don’t worry if Latvian is new to you; English is widely spoken, and our friendly locals will warmly welcome you into our close-knit community. Get ready to create lifelong memories in Latvia, where every day is an opportunity for adventure and discovery.